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PCMate Free Registry Cleaner
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PCMate Free Registry Cleaner

Clean Windows registry & fix registry errors to boost up your PC performance.


Does your PC run much slower than when you first bought it, crash for no apparent reason? Keep receiving error messages and don't know why? Now comes a free PC doctor - PCMate Free Registry Cleaner, the most reliable registry cleaner for Windows. This free registry cleaner deeply scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry and then removes any invalid registry in Windows, including ActiveX, system drivers, startup and more to keep registry worry away.

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The backup/restore and automatic system restore points creation functions of the tool let you backup the whole Windows Registry and use it to restore the registry to the current status in case you encounter some system failure. The exclusion list will help ignore the entries that you don't want to scan. There is also a scheduler to make the program perform registry cleanup daily, weekly or monthly, according to your preference. In short, PCMate Free Registry Cleaner helps get rid of the bloat in Windows registry and achieve a cleaner, faster system.

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Scan & clean registry
Schedule auto cleanup
Ignore & backup registry
Scan & clean registry
Schedule auto cleanup
Ignore & backup registry
Scan & remove obsolete registries like ActiveX, shared DLLs, fonts and more to keep registry clean. Perform regular registry cleanup automatically daily/weekly/monthly to boost computer performance. Skip certain registries and create registry backups & system restore points for security.


  • Scan obsolete Windows registry entries
  • Clean up invalid ActiveX, fonts, useless software key and more
  • Safely fix registry problems
  • Fix corrupt registry keys
  • Regain more disk space
  • Make computer faster, more stable and improve performance
  • Create system restore points
  • Backup the removed entries for extra security
  • Ignore certain file/folder/registry path for safety
  • Schedule daily/weekly/monthly registry cleanup
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • 100% Freeware, NO Spyware, Adware or Viruses
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Typical Applications

  • Make your computer faster by cleaning your Windows registry.
  • Improve your Windows PC's overall performance and stability.
  • Clean registry space for optimization of your system memory.
  • Prevent errors, freezing & crashes by eliminating registry errors.
  • Clear unwanted registries to free up the extra space.
  • Maintain your computers health using automatic scheduled registry scans.

System Requirements

  • PCMate Free Registry Cleaner has been designed to work with Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/10;
  • Recommended Configuration: PentiumĀ® class CPU - 1.4 GHz or more; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card - 1280x1024; 1GB MB RAM


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